Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Point Blank Indonesia

Point Blank is an online game MMO FPS genre that lately much demand in Indonesia. Game Point Blank in publishing in Indonesia by the Register. which previously has released several games for example Yulgang Online and OnAir Online. This game is a game with a MMO FPS genre in publishing the first time in Indonesia ( becouse I Live in Indonesia ... ^_^), so this game gets warm enough attention from gamers who have played a regular game with the same genre of Counter Strike. 

Point Blank is a FPS MMO game based on the level as well. By winning a penalty shoot the fight, then the player also won EXP Point. In this game there is also an item mall that can be purchased in the form of bonuses or additional equipment during the war. 

In this game there are two mutually hostile side, the counter terrorist and Free Rebels. This game has an 2 modes of gameplay that can be played, ie deathmatch and Bomb Mission. To deatchmatch a mode where the second side kill each other as much for scoring. To Bomb Mission mode, a mode very similar to the mode of Boom defuse the game Counter Strike, where the side free rebel bomb put in charge, and the side counter terrorist duty free Rebels kill all the side before attaching the bomb, if the bomb was attached, then the counter terrorists must menjinakkna bomb them. Folders provided by the game is pretty much point blank. 3D Engine in the game Point Blank also said to be mild. All 3D objects in this game are destructible as well so it feels more real.

image source : http://pb.gemscool.com
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